Eternal Sword M Gameplay (Android,iOS,APK) Game for Swordsman

Eternal Sword M – This world is collapsing and you have to go back to 7 days ago to save it!
The eternal sword! It’s our last hope! Bring it back to twist the fate of destruction, save the world from its end!

An action MMORPG with stunning graphics and breathtaking combat experience
Build yourself with tons of skills and talents
Use your secondary class wisely

Save a vast world close to destruction
Experience an exciting story about time travelling
Make the future different with your choice

Outfits, mounts, wings and artifacts, customize your unique hero
Upgrade your mounts and wings to unlock more FREE appearances
Raid mighty bosses for epic artifact drops
Collect outfits and dye them your favorite colors

Team up with your friends to explore a open fantasy world
Well-designed PVE dungeons require good team Co-operation
Drive powerful mobile suits to defeat ancient golems

Defeat all challengers and claim the crown
Show your courage and skills to acquire abundant loots
Build your own elite squad and win the glory

Protect the honor of the guild
Defeat other guilds with massive GVG wars and diplomatic strategies
Enjoy your casual guild life with various guild events

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